Michelina’s Salon is a luxurious place to enjoy the day in Fort Myers Florida, offering the very best in personal care, comfort and shopping at prices accessible to all. You’ll love our comfortable location situated off Daniels Parkway in the Gateway Community  in Fort Myers.

We’ve created a relaxing and memorable environment just for you. Take your mind off the stresses of life and treat yourself to a pleasant and calming experience. We present opportunities for our guest to have choices for their services they desire to enjoy. Our Associate/Level System allows our guest the ability to move freely to any of our service providers. These levels are the result of the service providers achievements, which are determined by their experience in our salon/company, knowledge of the business, level of advanced training they have received, and the client demand for their time and services.

We have implemented a level system to help you chose a service provider that is right for you. Please note that prices depend on the service provider’s level. We pride ourselves on our continued/advanced education and believe this is what sets us apart. Michelina’s is providing a professional guest experience, structure and then coaching every team member to reach their potential that supports a creation of a culture of a fun and committed staff. Thanks to a team of talented professionals who have a flare for making you feel at home while helping you look your best.

Here at Michelina’s we have an “Open” chair policy. We want our guest to be comfortable moving from one team member to another should you desire. It is your business that makes Michelina’s as successful as it is and we want you to know that it is appreciated. Michelina’s has become known as one of Southwest Florida’s finest salons.


Michelina’s Hair Salon is dedicated to our mother who left us December 24, 2008. Our mom did so much for us. She was our foundation, our rock. We owe our mother so much for the sacrifices she made to give us better lives. She was there when we skinned our knee. She offered words of support if we were picked on. She even offered here sage wisdom when it came time for us to date and provided a shoulder to lean or cry on when things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Though she is no longer with us, we hope these words bring back fond memories of your times you shared together with your parents. As mom used to say about our kid’s “enjoy them while there young, because they grow up so fast”, so is the time we have with our parents,…. time goes so fast. Praise her and give her the recognition she deserves let her know how much she means to you. Whether you still live at home, or you left the nest ages ago, we think your mom will appreciate and enjoy the sentiments.